My Thirty-Ninth Day Of Being A Veggie

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Day Thirty-Nine

I can’t believe I’m into my final week. This past month has gone by super fast. I will talk more about these last couple of weeks in more detail in a later blog post. In all honesty, I have kind of become sort of used to being vegetarian. People eating meat around me literally has no affect on me anymore, like it used to. I have thoroughly enjoyed being veggie and trying all these new foods, and it has made me want to try new things in the future and not always stick to foods that I eat a lot. I have learnt that often trying things that you would never try can actually be good and you might actually discover something that you really enjoy.

Today’s picture is a couple of chocolates my mum bought me today when she was out. They are so adorable.

I think these are the closest I’ll get to eating lamb for a week or so…


My Thirty-Eighth Day Of Being A Veggie

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Day Thirty-Eight

I was checking out other blogs that related to vegetarianism last night and happened to come across this… Yes, my blog got FEATURED on the vegetarian page. This made me so super happy! Thanks to everyone who popped along to my blog yesterday and followed me. I’m so pleased that this blog has become so popular with my friends and everyone around the world. Thank you!

It is currently still being featured on the page which is so so exciting. I’ve never got featured before !! It’s so crazy !

I also got ‘reviewed’ today as well. Ah-mazing!

Anyway back to vegetarianism. Today I tried one of these Innocent Veg Pots. They always look super intriguing on supermarket shelves, but I’ve never actually tried one. It’s also Vegetarian Society Approved which is rather exciting. Anyway I go the Mexican Veg Pot which contains ‘mexican sweet potato chilli with brown rice, roasted red peppers & smoked paprika’. It was gorgeous. It also contains 3 of my 5 a day which is awesome. I am really trying to eat more fruit and veg, this was the point of become vegetarian…

They do advertise this as being something you can have for you lunch as a healthy alternative from sandwiches, however this was huge for me, so I had it for my dinner, and it was the perfect amount.

Note, it is on a super small plate. I didn’t quite realise how much you get when I started putting it on a plate…

I absolutely adore Innocent packaging. They have just a light hearted approach and it just seems that they care so much about the product that they are selling and the way it is packaged. Inside the outer packaging there was a little game of lingobingo which you can play in the office where you have to tick off all the jargon used like ‘blue sky thinking’ or ‘ballpark figure’ etc. Also the way they talk about the food and the instructions they give, like for cooking they say ‘if you want to cook on a campfire, pour contents into cooking pot. Sing campfire songs until bubbling nicely’.

Also they are trying to be a completely green company. They seem to care for the environment, and on the packaging they also put creative ways that you can reuse your pot. I have #95 — Pig Nose, how to make your pot into a pig nose.

Going to a farmyard party but forgotten to buy a costume again? Don’t worry, simply paint your pot pint, attach some elastic, and cut some nostrils on the end. Easy to dance in and easy to turn into a fetching pink fez if it needs to be.

Everyone needs a pink fez at some point in their life…

My Thirty-Seventh Day Of Being A Veggie

March 29, 2012 § 1 Comment

Day Thirty-Seven

I have been really getting into making fruit smoothies over the last couple of weeks. I think that this is probably due to the fact that it feels slightly like summer.

I bought some frozen fruit. I bought some summer fruits mix and also a tropical fruit mix. This is the tropical mix which has mango, passion fruit, kiwi and pomegranate and something which I can’t remember. Frozen fruit is really good to use, because not only can you buy loads of different varieties and make various flavours (!) but also because it is frozen, it also acts similar to ice in making the smoothie super cold.

I’ve started using Dairy Free or Soya Milk rather than normal milk, because it much healthier. I am only using this milk in smoothies, but I still use semi-skimmed in my cereal. I want to buy some Almond Milk. I’ve been hearing a lot about it recently and the supposed health benefits. I bought some coconut milk this week just to see if I like it, and you could taste any difference compared to normal milk. I really liked the Coconut Milk because it gives a sort of tropical hint to the smoothie.

And this is what it looks like ! And it was super tasty too ! I really like making strawberry and mango smoothies. Have you got any flavours which I should try? Also what are you experiences with Almond Milk?

Also tonight I made an onion and mushroom pizza which was delicious. There is something about making homemade pizzas that make them taste so much better than shop pizzas. Or is that just me?

My Thirty-Sixth Day Of Being A Veggie

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Day Thirty-Six

Today I made a curry for myself and my parents. We buy the Good Food magazine every month and I found this in one of the recent magazines, perhaps this month’s or last. I made Chickpea and Spinach Curry and it was so simple to make and the ingredients were ones which you would find in your store cupboard.

You need 1 onion, 2 cloves of garlic, 500g fresh spinach, korma curry paste, 1 can of chopped tomatoes, 1 teaspoon of ginger and a can of chickpeas. Basically you need to blend together the onion, garlic and ginger and then cook it in pan for a couple of minutes before adding in the curry paste. Then add the tomatoes and chickpeas and simmer for a bit. Then add the spinach and simmer until it has wilted, and it should look like this…

It was super tasty and really filling, which was surprising. It was super easy to make. I don’t particularly like really spicy food, so I only used korma paste, but if you prefer spicier food then you can try using a hotter curry paste. It’s totally up to you. I really like this recipe because it is a different way of cooking spinach and chickpeas. I’m really trying to find a recipe where I like chickpeas, because at the moment, I’m not overly convinced by them, however this meal has given me a bit more of a liking for chickpeas, but I’m still not a massive fan. But I’m getting there.

My Thirty-Fifth Day Of Being A Veggie

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Day Thirty-Five

I met my friend today for lunch. It has been super sunny and warm this week which has been so lovely. Like in the 20s, which for England in March is unusual. We decided to take full advantage of this and grab some lunch from town and head to the local park.

I’m sure you have read about my dislike of buying sandwiches and also because I’m trying to be healthy. We bought some cous-cous, pasta salad, greek salad and some fruit salad. I nearly bought a selection of beans and pulses, but that perhaps is a little to vegetarian for me. I am only recently discovering that I actually like beans and perhaps buying a bean salad might be a bit to much in the deep end.

It was so lovely lazing in the park for a couple of hours and there is just something about eating salads and fruit that makes you feel super summery. I just hope this weather stays for a while.

My Thirty-Fourth Day Of Being A Veggie

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Day Thirty-Four

Today I cooked fajitas. I cooked a chicken version for my parents and then for myself, I had some Quorn mince I needed to use up. I know that it doesn’t go, but I had to use it up. I also forgot to take a picture, however I took a picture of this:

I used this seasoning that I found in the cupboard. Yes it is Spice Mix for Crispy Chicken so I thought perhaps this isn’t the best seasoning, but it’s suitable for veggies !

So I spiced up the mince with a little bit of this, but I mainly used this with the chicken. I then grilled some veg like onions and peppers, and I also bought some guacamole, salsa and soured cream. Fajitas are my favourite thing ever, but I did miss the fact that I couldn’t have chicken or steak fajitas, but the Quorn worked okay, even if it was a bit odd.

My Thirty-Third Day Of Being A Veggie

March 29, 2012 § 1 Comment

Day Thirty-Three

Today we went out for lunch… and I forgot to take a photo of my meal ! Sorry !! But I had a salad thing. Which was lovely. I forgot exactly what was in it. But hey, it was tasty!

For desert I shared this: a coffee creme brulee —

We went to a gorgeous little pub in the Cotswolds which was so lovely. I think it is my favourite place to go. It’s absolutely gorgeous in the summer when you can sit outside. It’s on the top of a hill and it’s just such a lovely place.


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