My Forty-Sixth Day Of Being A Veggie – The Last Day

April 7, 2012 § 1 Comment

Day Forty-Six

The Last Day. Cue dramatic music…

Tonight my family and I had a little bonfire in the garden which was lovely. It has seemed to become a little tradition that we do around Easter. Tonight we cooked Chilli Con Carne – I made a Quorn variation and it was delicious. Chilli Con Carne may not be the most exciting thing ever, but for eating outside on a nippy night, it is quite a good meal to have. It’s super easy and you can just serve it straight from the pot. What more could you want!? …

Here is a little pic for you all! I decided to make it into a sort of burrito sort of thing, which some guacamole on the side. Super tasty. I love mexican food. I totally think that it is my favourite by far. I wish that in England there were more good mexican restaurants, but it just doesn’t seem like a hugely popular food. Deeply saddening.

So tomorrow I become a meat eater once more. I’m excited, but then I’m also not entirely fussed. I could easily keep continuing being a veggie, but I want to try meat again just to see how different I feel with it. I also think living in a meat eating family, it is just a little bit easier to be a meat eater as well. I know that loads of people are doing it, but I actually miss the option of choosing to have a veggie meal rather than having to have one.

Thank you so much for all the support, and for putting up with all of my moaning with being a veggie. I hope you enjoyed the blog. I loved writing it and it will be sad to see it go. I might try and blog tomorrow and perhaps over the week. We shall see. But then it’s also nice to have a bit of a break from blogging.

Have a wonderful Easter everyone. What did you guys give up for lent and did you complete it?


My Forty-Fifth Day Of Being A Veggie

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Day Forty-Five

Today is the penultimate day. I know that many people finish lent on Good Friday, but I always said that I would go to Easter Sunday, otherwise I would feel like I had failed. Today it’s a black fast, meaning that you are only allowed to eat fish. My family have always done this on Good Friday, so tonight in our house was fish night. As I cannot eat fish, I had the very exciting alternative of pasta…

So tomorrow is the last day. I just feel as though lent has gone so quickly! I’m so pleased I did this. I wanted to test my willpower and see if I could actually do it. I really enjoyed being veggie and I really like trying all the new foods. I did feel healthier, but I didn’t notice a huge amount of difference. I think I will probably go back to meat but maybe do like one week meat, one week veggie to vary my diet a little bit. I do think eating a lot of meat can be bad for you, so I’m going to try and balance it a little more.

See you tomorrow for the last day! I will be sort of sad when this is done. I loved this blog and so many people seem to have really enjoyed it to! Thank you so much!

My Forty-Fourth Day Of Being A Veggie

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Day Forty-Four

Today I went for lunch with my friend who I haven’t seen in forever! It’s been far too long! We were so bad over the last couple of months. When I was working, my friend was free or when I was free, she was busy. But today we actually found a day when we were free! It was so lovely seeing her and having a proper catch up and we must do it more!

Anyway. We decided to go to a little Italian cafe in my local town. It has this wonderful atmosphere and decor and yes I’m sounding super old, but I forget how much I love that place. I hadn’t been in there for ages and forgot just how much I love it.

I had a panini and my friend had a jacket potato. Their menu is set so that you can pick like 3 ingredients to make a baguette or panini or jacket potato, which is something that I love as it gives you so much variation and you can make so many different combinations. It’s so much fun! Anyway I had a roasted vegetable, onion and brie panini, which you’d think is a pretty simple one, but no… The panini came and it had chicken in it. Yes chicken. I am one of these people that hates making a fuss in restaurants. I mean like obviously if the food is wrong or undercooked then that is fine, but I just hate doing it. I actually felt so bad because I don’t consider myself like a ‘proper’ vegetarian, and the staff were so apologetic when I explained that I couldn’t eat meat because I was a vegetarian.   But I still felt so bad! But we got free olives anyway… even though neither of us liked them, it was the thought that counts!

So after that faff, here is a picture of the right panini, which was lovely ! When there wasn’t any chicken in it…

My Forty-Third Day Of Being A Veggie

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Day Forty-Three

Tonight I made pizza. Okay so I did cheat as I bought the base, but then I did make the topping ! You can’t beat a good homemade pizza (even if you do buy the base). Tonight it was a mushroom, spinach and onion pizza which looked a little like this…

Sorry I forgot to take an ‘aerial’ shot of the pizza…

You forget how easy it is to make pizza. And often buying ready made ones are just so cheap and easy and you can just throw them in the freezer and all that, but there is something sort of satisfying when you make you’re own pizza. Plus you get to mix and match on the toppings which is always exciting!

My Forty-Second Day Of Being A Veggie

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Day Forty-Two

So I’m into the final straight. Not long to go!!

Tonight I cooked a Chickpea Tagine and it was delicious. I’m starting to tolerate (like might perhaps be too strong…) chickpeas. I’m sure you all remember my dislike of them at the start of this venture, but by the end I’m dealing with them, and in this dish I would even go as far to say that I actually though they were okay. I’m getting there!!

So at the beginning of this feat I bought the Vegetarian version of Good Food. I think perhaps this might be the originally titled ‘Vegetarian’ or even ‘Vegetarian Living’… Well anyway, I found this recipe in there and it was scrumptious. This is one I might even consider cooking in the near future after lent.

Here’s a little pic for you all. I think it was like an apricot and fennel (?) tagine sauce, then I cooked it with 2 cans of chickpeas and some chopped tomatoes and olives. I can’t remember the recipe exactly, but if anyone is interested, just leave a comment and I’ll reply with the proper recipe. It was lovely though. I cooked it with some cous-cous (which I’m loving recently) and then also a bit of guacamole on the side. That’s what the recipe said, and it surprisingly worked…

My Forty-First Day Of Being A Veggie

April 2, 2012 § 1 Comment

Day Forty-One

Today I went ‘down on the farm’ with my friend. Her sheep had recently had lambs and they were so tiney tiny !! I even got to hold one for a bit. Anyone who knows me will know this is a first for me. I’m not such a fan of animals. Sorry !

How cute is he?! He was super small. And he is like a couple of days old !

Anyway back on to being veggie. Tonight I had pasta with spinach and halloumi. I had some to use up so I was trying to think of different ways of having halloumi, which resulted in not many… (Any ideas?)

I have said this loads in the past, but being veggie I feel that I eat more colourful food, which makes me feel that the meal that I am eating is slightly healthy?! I hope.

I was chatting with a couple of different people about being veggie today, and how I was doing and if I was going to continue. This has being something that I have been thinking about recently. From doing this for like over a month now, I think I’ve got over the hard part, and I actually think that I could give up meat for the rest of my life from now on. But I do want to go back to meat, because I do miss it, but I also want to see how I feel after eating it and whether I am just as good without it as I am with it. There is a lot to be said for being a meat-eater, but also for being veggie. I might come to a compromise of doing veggie for a week and then meat for a week. More about this tomorrow.

My Fortieth Day Of Being A Veggie

April 1, 2012 § 1 Comment

Day Forty

Seriously I can’t believe I’ve got this far. I’ve got like 6 days to go ! Which is just crazy. It’s gone so quickly ! So, for the last week I thought I’d really try my hardest to try new foods and be more open in regards to food that I often avoid… like peppers and nuts etc. Oh and vegetables, but I’ve been getting better with them recently. I suppose I have no choice really…

I working at the moment, so on my lunch break I’ve popped into town. I’ve started going to M&S because I feel all sophisticated when I go in there and plus they do some lovely salad things. I have developed a recent love for M&S.

Anyway today I bought ‘Nutty Grain and Vegetable Salad’ and a ‘3 bean salad’, they were on an offer, like 2 for £3.

It looks slightly vegan like? But how healthy does this look!

So the first salad was a mixture of quinoa, black eyed beans, carrots, peas, broccoli, green beans and then a mixture of nuts (which I picked out… slightly defeating the point of the ‘nutty’ salad’. I then mixed it with the bean salad which was a mixture of flageolet beans (yep, no idea either), black beans, borlotti beans and red pepper and sweetcorn.

I mixed them up so I’ll get a couple of lunches out of them. They actually work really well together. I prefer the beans to the quinoa, just because I found there was not much flavour to them, but I was really interest in trying it as I’ve heard a lot about it recently. It keeps popping up in recipes or articles that I’ve been reading, so I really wanted to try it. But I do prefer cous-cous if I’m honest…

I’m into my last 6 days !!! Saying that, I will be quite sad when this is over.

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