My Forty-Fifth Day Of Being A Veggie

April 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Day Forty-Five

Today is the penultimate day. I know that many people finish lent on Good Friday, but I always said that I would go to Easter Sunday, otherwise I would feel like I had failed. Today it’s a black fast, meaning that you are only allowed to eat fish. My family have always done this on Good Friday, so tonight in our house was fish night. As I cannot eat fish, I had the very exciting alternative of pasta…

So tomorrow is the last day. I just feel as though lent has gone so quickly! I’m so pleased I did this. I wanted to test my willpower and see if I could actually do it. I really enjoyed being veggie and I really like trying all the new foods. I did feel healthier, but I didn’t notice a huge amount of difference. I think I will probably go back to meat but maybe do like one week meat, one week veggie to vary my diet a little bit. I do think eating a lot of meat can be bad for you, so I’m going to try and balance it a little more.

See you tomorrow for the last day! I will be sort of sad when this is done. I loved this blog and so many people seem to have really enjoyed it to! Thank you so much!


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